Pampore Encounter: Day Later, Terrorists Hold Out In Government Building

A pledge with a social affair of fear mongers who are stowing without end inside an alliance relationship in Pampore, 15 km from Srinagar, has connected for well over a day. Effects and discharges are being heard once in a while from inside and around the building, used to offer fit expecting to vivacious Kashmiris.

An outfitted urge warrior was harmed in the vital satisfaction yesterday. The data being shared here is put off so as not to hazard the security powers doing engaging the mental oppressors.

Powers said the experience has related on in light of the way that the building offers an “opening like” security to the fear mongers. Clearly especially stacked in ammo and supplies, they have shown an imperativeness to hold out and draw out the operation.

There are no prisoners, sources said, in light of the way that classes have been suspended for over three months in view of the anguish in the express that started with the killing of 22-year-old mental oppressor Burhan Wani.

Source:- NDTV

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ISKCON 50 Meditations: March 7, 2016

Prabhupada loved to write because it was an effective way to spread Krishna consciousness.  He got good results from his writing.  He also communed deeply with the previous acaryaswhen he wrote.  He felt their power, even when his essays weren’t being read.  Writing seemed to be his dharma.  Even his spiritual master encouraged him to write.  So, Srila Prabhupada became occupied with writing books, and he saw temple construction as not important for him, especially in the years before he came to America.  He saw himself as following his guru’s example, and his order: “If you ever get money, print books.”  Prabhupada wrote that the first duty of a sannyasi is to write books.

Prabhupada’s books teach us about the spiritual relationship between the disciple and the spiritual master.  Prabhupada’s books are like the map, but I still have to undertake the journey myself.  I study the symbols on the page; they refer to a situation like my own, describing what is required of me as a disciple in giving my whole life to Srila Prabhupada.  The map marks out hazard areas – don’t be whimsical, don’t disrespect the spiritual master, pray to him, inquire from him … But it remains general.  Each of us has to make our own journey guided by the map of the sastra.  The journey is meant to be long; one has to pass through all phases of life in this body while he traverses the path.  But still, the sastra gives us only general guidelines. View Krishna store

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KCON Congregational Development Ministry (CDM) has been actively helping devotee communities around the world for the past twenty years by providing necessary resources for the furthering of Srila Prabhupada’s vision. Due to this service many congregations have grown in numbers and in quality. Thousands of devotees and newcomers have,1055/#.VsU7ISW6bFo


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