Ajit Singh Has Lost Forever,’ Says Uma Bharti Amid Buzz On UP Alliance


Global 50,000 Chants Campaign Launched for ISKCON 50

The innovative sankirtan outreach project Fortunate People is inviting devotees to post videos of themselves and newcomers chanting the Hare Krishna mantra to its website fortunate-people.com, with an aim to gather 50,000 chants for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary.

Fortunate People is a UK-based project that allows distributors of Prabhupada’s books to keep in touch with people they’ve met on the street.

“We ask them to “Like” the Fortunate People Facebook page on their smartphones on the spot,” says book distributor and project manager Shaktyavesha Avatar Das. “Then we stay connected with them and share Krishna conscious culture with them through Facebook. The page has grown from 100 followers to nearly 5,000 today.”

During the December 2015 Prabhupada marathon, Fortunate People took things to the next level by filming those who just received a book chanting the Hare Krishna mantra for the first time. The videos are then uploaded to Facebook, where they’ve gone viral – the last one received 20,000 views, 1,000 likes and was shared more than 600 times in one day.

Now Fortunate People has launched its 50K Chants Campaign for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary. The campaign was presented at the International Leadership Sanga in Mayapur recently, where it was enthusiastically received by an audience of some 600 devotees including ISKCON leaders. It is now being officially promoted by the ISKCON 50 Committee.

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ISKCON 50 Meditations: March 9, 2016

Prabhupada is always the instructor for his disciples.  There is usually an edge of chiding in his voice, but it is still gentle and loving.  Of the disciple, Srila Prabhupada writes: “… A disciple cannot disobey the order of his spiritual master, that is the relationship between the disciple and his master.”  He gives the example of Arjuna who surrendered to Krishna “without any vanity regarding his own erudition, and without any reservation.”  If you relax your defenses and allow him to instruct you, even in how to fold a cadar, then your relationship will be smooth.  You will not become aggravated and neither will he become displeased; you will quickly learn how to do things his way.  The spiritual master is to train you to be expert in spiritual activities, including the details of how to fold a cadar.  As soon as you resist, thinking you know how to do something, or that he is too demanding, then there will be trouble.

Prabhupada wants us to understand the difference between the temporary, material world and the eternal, blissful world of Goloka Vrindavana.  This is the life-work that Prabhupada wants from us, to somehow fill our minds with more and more Krishna and less and less maya.  And Prabhupada is with us in our attempts to hear about Krishna.  It is the basis of our relationship with him.

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