Pampore Encounter: Day Later, Terrorists Hold Out In Government Building

A pledge with a social affair of fear mongers who are stowing without end inside an alliance relationship in Pampore, 15 km from Srinagar, has connected for well over a day. Effects and discharges are being heard once in a while from inside and around the building, used to offer fit expecting to vivacious Kashmiris.

An outfitted urge warrior was harmed in the vital satisfaction yesterday. The data being shared here is put off so as not to hazard the security powers doing engaging the mental oppressors.

Powers said the experience has related on in light of the way that the building offers an “opening like” security to the fear mongers. Clearly especially stacked in ammo and supplies, they have shown an imperativeness to hold out and draw out the operation.

There are no prisoners, sources said, in light of the way that classes have been suspended for over three months in view of the anguish in the express that started with the killing of 22-year-old mental oppressor Burhan Wani.

Source:- NDTV

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UK Holds 50 Hare Krishna Festivals for ISKCON 50

It was July 1972. For one of the first events in his Hare Krishna Festivals UK program, organizer Tribhuvanath Das – then in his early twenties – had Srila Prabhupada himself as the VIP guest.

Speaking to 500 people packed into Glasgow’s Woodside Hall in Scotland, Prabhupada delivered an incisive non-sectarian lecture. All bonafide religions, he said, teach us how to love and serve God, no matter what name they call Him by.

Prabhupada’s power and clarity had the entire audience rising to their feet, clapping, cheering and whistling as if someone had just scored a goal in the World Cup. As the talk concluded, bright, energetic Tribhuvanath took the opportunity to segue into a stomping kirtan – and everyone spontaneously joined in, clapping and dancing in ecstasy.

Afterwards, Srila Prabhupada encouraged Tribhuvanath: “If you can stay there in England and continue your festival program, that will be best,” he wrote in 1975. “It is a very nice program. You should increase it as much as possible.”

Tribhuvanath, always ready to dedicate his life and soul to please Srila Prabhupada and serve his mission, did so. Despite a several-year break, he restarted the program in 1986, and it went from strength to strength, touring all over the UK, Ireland, and Africa too.

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