A Treasure Trove of Vaishnava Literature

By: Mayapur Communications for ISKCON News on July 20, 2018

A composition show at the Bhaktivedanta Research focus.

In South Kolkata, a fortune trove of Vaishnava writing can be found in ISKCON Mayapur’s Bhaktivedanta Research Center. This library is a diamond covered up in a peaceful Kolkata neighborhood, in which can be discovered duplicates of relatively every book composed by the past acharyasgoing back to Srila Rupa Gosvami, and numerous uncommon and no longer in production books, for example, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s aggregation of discourses on the Padma Purana and his critiques on the Bhagavad-gita. The library likewise contains outputs of numerous unique, written by hand compositions, and also a considerable lot of the first original copies themselves, for example, the main known duplicate of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura’s own journal, dating from 1904 – 1906. Hare Krishna Books

The Bhaktivedanta Research Center was set up to satisfy a few of Srila Prabhupada’s guidelines: In 1972, Srila Prabhupadainstructed that film records be made of the first compositions of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakuraso that these important original copies could be protected.

In 1976 in Bombay, Srila Prabhupada educated his sanctuary administrators to build a top of the line library with the majority of his own books, the books of the past acharyas, and every one of the Vedas. He said that researchers ought to have the capacity to come and concentrate our rationality profoundly and progress toward becoming enthusiasts. Krishna Store

.Furthermore, Srila Prabhupada gave numerous directions about the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium and how its introduction of Vedic cosmology as per the Srimad-Bhagavatam would counter the hypotheses of contemporary researchers. The thoughts that will be displayed in the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium will without a doubt be tested, and an exploration focus and library of Vedic cosmology is important to supplement and bolster the development of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium’s interplanetary crystal fixture.

In 2008, it was in view of this that Hari-sauri dasa, the organizer of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium’s cosmology group, and Pranava dasa, who was at the time doing his doctoral research, arranged the opening of a Vaishnavastudy focus. This harmonized with the chance to get an essential gathering of books, an accumulation which dated back to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura’s living arrangement in the Bagh Bazaar sanctuary in the 1930s. The gathering had been held by Sri SundaranandaVidyavinoda, a main Gaudiya Math part and previous secretary of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, since 1937. Radha Krishna Store

A building that had been given to ISKCON in Kolkata was assigned by ISKCON Mayapurto be utilized for this library, and assets were masterminded with the goal that the building could be redesigned and transformed into an appropriate present day library. In June of 2009, the Bhaktivedanta Research Center formally opened. Hare Krishna Store


ISKCON Teachers Get Much-Needed Support at fifth Education Conference

Instructors at ISKCON’s schools work hard, regularly with little help – so the opportunity to interface and team up with kindred teachers from all finished North America at the fifth yearly ISKCON Education Conference was a gift.

Running from Thursday June 21st to Sunday June 24th, the occasion occurred at the Bhaktivedanta Academy Montessori school in Alachua, Florida. It was sorted out by Bhaktivedanta Academy chief Visvambhara Das, with assistance from Hanumatpresaka Swami and Dallas’ TKG Academy bad habit main Gopi Gita Dasi. Hare Krishna Books Store

Twenty-three teachers took an interest face to face, from ISKCON schools in Dallas, Houston, Alachua, and North Carolina. A bunch more from Sunday Schools in Baltimore, New Jersey, Detroit and ISKCON Silicon Valley took an interest online through Google Hangouts

The fundamental objective of the meeting was to complete and change an arrangement of gauges for all ISKCON schools and Sunday schools in North America to hold fast to.

This would get them embraced by the ISKCON Ministry of Education as official ISKCON-partnered schools, which would in the long run observe the Ministry giving educator preparing, kid insurance assets and even monetary help.

Inside this fundamental theme, teachers spent a few hours talking about kid insurance and how to bring schools acros ISKCON North America up to the fitting gauges. Hare Krishna Books

They likewise discussed being lined up with Srila Prabhupada; what distinctive difficulties they looked over the span of their administration; and what assets are accessible for them to tackle those difficulties.

“The meeting was extremely community,” says Gopi Gita. “In one session we shared regions where we required help, and territories where we could give bolster. Promptly we could see that even just with everybody in the room right at that point, we had the assets accessible to help settle the issues we were confronting.”

A last accomplishment of the meeting was the formation of I-SENA (ISKCON School Educators of North America), a shut online gathering on Facebook and Google Drive where teachers can share assets, difficulties and triumphs.  Radha Krishna Deities

Looking to the future, Gopi Gita trusts that the Conference can help ISKCON eudcators feel that they are upheld and their administration is esteemed – something she says has unfortunately been missing.

“I trust our subsequent stage will be to interface with sanctuary presidents and advise them that tending to our kids through these instructive activities ought to be at the highest point of their needs list,” she says. “What’s more, that giving instructors a voice and a place to swing to when they’re encountering difficulties will reinforce them, which will thus enable our youngsters to feel significantly more agreeable and ensured.”

One year from now, Gopi Gita exepcts twofold the quantity of members at the Conference.

“This was the most enabling and energizing meeting that I’ve been to out of each of the five up until now,” Gopi Gita says. “To work with kindred instructors crosswise over ISKCON; to finish support models in shared settings; to recognize assets and battles in numerous territories; to learn so much and feel so associated with dear companions; to have the capacity to help assemble it; was an aggregate dream materialize. So in case you’re an ISKCON teacher, if you don’t mind go to our next Education Conference in 2019 to feel totally restored!”

Himachal’s Dharamsala again gets Smart City tag

Dharamsala, the hill station in Himachal Pradesh that has lured hundreds of thousands of Westerners since Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama settled here, was on Tuesday again included in the central government’s list of Smart Cities.

Union Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu announced in New Delhi the 13 winners of the Fast Track Smart Cities competition.

They are Lucknow, Warangal, Dharamsala, Chandigarh, Raipur, New Town Kolkata, Bhagalpur, Panaji, Port Blair, Imphal, Ranchi, Agartala and Faridabad.


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ISKCON 50 Meditations: April 26, 2016

How difficult it was becoming to preach in America among these crazy people!  He had written prophetically in his poem the day he had arrived in Boston Harbor, “My dear Lord, I do not know why You have brought me here.  Now You can do with me whatever You like.  But I guess You have some business here, otherwise why would You bring me to this terrible place?”  What about his scheduled classes?  What about David – should he go back and try to talk with the boy?  This had been David’s first fit of violence, but there had been other tense moments.  David had a habit of leaving the soap on the floor of the shower stall and Prabhupada had asked him not to because it was a hazard.  But David wouldn’t listen.  Prabhupada had continued to remind him, and one day David had gotten angry and shouted at him.  But there was no real enmity.  Even today’s incident had not been a matter of personal differences – the boy was a victim.

Prabhupada walked quickly.  He had free passage on the Scindia Line.  He could go home to Vrindavana.  But his spiritual master had ordered him to come here.  “By the strong desire of Sri Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura,” he had written while crossing the Atlantic, “the holy name of Lord Gauranga will spread throughout the countries of the Western world.”  Before nightfall he would have to find some place to stay, a way to keep up the momentum of his preaching.  This is what it meant to be working without government sponsorship, without the support of any religious organization, without a patron.  It meant being vulnerable and insecure.  Prabhupada faced the crisis as a test from Krishna.  The instruction of  Bhagavad-gita was to depend on Krishna for protection: “In all activities just depend upon Me and work always under My protection.  In such devotional service be fully conscious of Me … You will pass over all the obstacles of conditional life by My grace.”

He decided to phone Carl Yeargens and ask him to help.  Hearing the Swami’s voice on the phone – it was an emergency! – Carl at once agreed that Prabhupada could move in with him and his wife, Eva.  Their place was close by, on Centre Street, five blocks west of Bowery near Chinatown.  Carl would be right over.

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ISKCON 50 Meditations: April 24, 2016

If Krishna consciousness was ever to take hold in America, it would have to be without assistance from the Indian government or Indian financiers.  Not even a lone Indianbrahmacari would join him.  Krishna was revealing His plan to Prabhupada in a different way.  With the Singhania-sanction schemes finished and behind him, Prabhupada would turn all his energy toward the young men and women coming to him in his Bowery loft.  He wrote to Sumati Morarji:

I am now trying to incorporate one corporation of the local friends and admirers under the name International Society for Krishna Conscious.

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ISKCON 50 Meditations: April 13, 2016

New people began coming to see Prabhupada on the Bowery.  Carl Yeargens, a thirty-three year-old, black, bearded man from the Bronx had attended Cornell University and was now independently studying Indian religion and Zen Buddhism.  He had experimented with drugs as “psychedelic tools” and he had an interest in the music and poetry of India.  He was influential among his friends and tried to interest them in meditation.  He had even been dabbling in Sanskrit.

Carl:  I had just finished reading a book called The Wonder That Was India.  I had gotten the definition of a sannyasi and a brahmacari and so forth.  There was a vivid description in that particular book of how you could see a sannyasicoming down the road with his saffron robe.  It must have made more than a superficial impression on me, because it came to me on this one chilly evening.  I was going to visit Michael Grant – probably going to smoke some marijuana and sit around, maybe play some music – and I was coming down Hester Street.  If you make a left on the Bowery, you can go up to Mike’s place on Grand Street.  But it’s a funny thing that I chose to go that way, because the shorter way would have been to go down Grand Street.  But if I had gone that way, I probably would have missed Swamiji. 

So I decided to go down Hester and make a left.  All of a sudden I saw in this dingy alcove, a brilliant saffron robe.  As I passed, I saw it was Swamiji knocking on the door, trying to gain entrance.  There were two bums hunched up against the door.  It was like a two-part door – one of them was sealed and the other was locked.  The two bums were lying on either side of Swamiji.  One of these men had actually expired – which often happened and you had to call the police or health department to get them. 

I don’t think I saw the men lying in the doorway until I walked up to Swamiji and asked him, “Are you a sannyasi?”  And he answered, “Yes.”  We started this conversation about how he was starting a temple, and he mentioned Lord Caitanya and the whole thing.  He just came out with this flow of strange things to me, right there in the street.  But I knew what he was talking about somehow.  I had the familiarity of having just read this book and delved into Indian religion.  So I knew that this was a momentous occasion for me and I wanted to help him.  We banged on the door and eventually we got into the loft.  He invited me to come to a kirtana, and I came back later that night for my first kirtana.  From that point on, it was a fairly regular thing – three times a week.  At one point Swamiji asked me to stay with him, and I stayed for about two weeks.

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