Ajit Singh Has Lost Forever,’ Says Uma Bharti Amid Buzz On UP Alliance


Maharashtra celebrates Dahi Handi on Sunday

Maharashtra the popular and often dangerous tradition of Dahi Handi was celebrated on Sunday, marking the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. Teams of people will form human pyramids to reach high hanging handis or pot of curd. The Maharashtra government had recently made the activity an adventure sport, barring anyone below 12 from participating. Ironically, some of Mumbai’s biggest patrons of Dahi handi, mostly politicians, have chosen to stay away from this year’s event, to express disappointment about, well believe it or not, heightened safety regulations.

Fed up with human apathy, farmers seek Lord Krishna’s help

Fed up with cold response from district administration to their demand to declare Devbhoomi Dwarka as drought-hit, farmers on Tuesday knocked at the God’s door for help and submitted a memorandum to Lord Krishna seeking divine intervention to alleviate their sufferings.
Dozens of farmers led by NGO Khedut Hit Rakshak Samiti submitted the memorandum to the high priest of the famous Dwarkadhish temple in Devbhoomi Dwarka district, dedicated to Lord Krishna.
In the memorandum addressed Lord Krishna, the farmers pleaded for help and said they have come to him “as a last resort” after getting tired of approaching Government officials with their list of demands.
They listed their demands before the God, which included declaring the district as drought-affected, setting up cattle camps, providing water for drinking and irrigation and reducing power connection tariff.
Recently, the BJP Government in Gujarat declared parts of district as drought-hit.
“We have come to you as a last resort…the present government, elected from farmers’ votes, is working for the industrialists. Government invest crore of rupees to organise farmer programmes but refuses to address our problems. Leaders and government officials are corrupt, and we farmers are crying for help,” the memorandum stated.
“Government is not thinking of waiving interest on crop loan for the current year. Nothing is being done to ensure water supply for irrigation…the CM calls herself farmer’s daughter, but makes hollow promises in the name of farmer welfare,” it stated.

ISKCON 50 Meditations: March 30, 2016

No One Has Seen a Picture of Krishna

Prabhupada is speaking:  We should always remember that He is God.  He is all-powerful.  In strength, no one could conquer Him.  In beauty – as far as beauty is concerned – when He was on the battlefield … Have any of you seen a picture of Krishna?  Have any of you ever seen Krishna?  Oh … no? 

Prahbupada’s voice fades as he pauses, looking out at his audience.  No one has ever seen Krishna.  None of them have the slightest previous knowledge of Lord Krishna.  In India, hundreds of millions worship Lord Krishna daily as the eternal form of all beauty and truth, and view His graceful form in sculpture, painting and dance.  His philosophical teachings inBhagavad-gita are all famous.  And Prabhupada is His intimate emissary.  Yet the ladies and gentlemen in Room 307 look back at the Swami blankly.

ISKCON 50 Meditations: March 15, 2016

Each of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples has chosen to love him.  It is a commitment that I will always honor, and I have sealed that commitment at my initiation.  We have a contract of love now.  Although my love for Srila Prabhupada may not yet be free of any material tinge, he is patient.  And Prabhupada himself has placed conditions of his love on his disciples.  He expects them to follow him.  Although he will still love a disobedient disciple, his love will not reach a disciple who rebels or disobeys his order, and who blasphemes guru and Krishna.  The relationship between guru and disciple is meant to be based on honor.

I have heard people say that this “condition” Prabhupada places on his love for us is not much different than the conditions some of our parents placed on us to win their love.  Many people have been hurt by parents who sold their love for high grades in school, or conformity to family rules, etc.  There was no chance for people who grew up in these families to develop themselves as individuals, or to feel self-worth despite their failings to meet their parents’ standards.  They grew up only with conditions and have no experience of real love.  Is Prabhupada’s love for us like that?  Is it a lesser kind of love because he places on it the condition of our obedience?

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Prabhupada’s Versatility

Prabhupada was sometimes as strong as a thunderbolt, other times soft as a rose.  When, sometimes, persons would ask Prabhupada esoteric details about Vrindavana or the rasadance, he would cut them short.  Rather than answer their questions directly, he would address their mentalities.  Yet, at the same time, he would fully answer the questions of a sincere inquirer.

We should be proud to have such a guru, who adopted the chopping technique of his own spiritual master in trying to save the world from maya, but was fully capable of understanding Vrindavana bhajana-rasa.  After all, he lived in Vrindavana for years, wrote his books there, and lived alone at the Radha Damodara Temple.  He was very, very sensitive to the atmosphere in Vrindavana.  Even his silence on the subject of rasa-lila made us feel his potency, his power.  Krishna’s pastimes took place in Vraja, although, at present, They areaprakata, not manifest now, Prabhupada knew about Krishna’s pastimes.

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