Gaur Nitai Brass Deity $55.00

These Handsome Beauties are looking for Love. Sri Sri Gaura Nitai – Gauranga is none other than Lord Sri Krishna,who appeared 500 years ago as Sri Krishna Chaitanya, also known as Gauranga Maha Prabhu and Nityananda Prabhu is none other than Sri Balarma, who appeared along with Lord Chaitanya. They are so charming and sweet and They do not accept any offense. Srila Prabhupada said that we should have Gaura Nitai along with Radha Krishna in this age.

Gaur Nitai Brass Deity $55.00

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He moved from 501, downstairs two floors to a room all his own.

I have changed my room to 307, in the same building as mentioned, for better air and light.  It is on the roadside junction of two roads, the Columbus Avenue and 72nd Street.

According to Dr. Mishra, Prabhupada moved in order to have his own place, independent of the Mishra Yoga,5382/

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ISKCON 50 Meditations: February 14, 2016

The sastras warn us not to think of the spiritual master as an ordinary man.  That is very hard for the nondevotees to comprehend.  They think the spiritual master is an ordinary person because they see him growing old, or they see him show anger.  They misjudge him in many ways.  They have no idea what is ordinary and what is extraordinary.  It takes spiritual vision to appreciate the pure devotee, but the sastras tell us the truth.

The sastras list certain qualifications of a spiritual master, yet even among those who possess these qualifications, Srila Prabhupada is extraordinary.  What is it about him that makes him extraordinary?  Or, we can ask, “There appear to be some extraordinary things about Prabhupada, so what is it about Prabhupada that makes these things extraordinary?”

Dr. Harvey Cox said, “Prabhupada is one in a million.”  He founded the Hare Krishna Movement, which continues to grow and establish roots in countries all over the world.  Fulfilling Lord Caitanya’s prediction that the holy name would be known in every town and village of the world was seen as a near impossible task by other sannyasis.  Prabhupada fulfilled the Lord’s prediction.  He must be an extraordinary person, someone fully empowered by Krishna, to possess so much pure devotion and determination.

One should not see the spiritual master as an ordinary man.  This is not only the proper etiquette described in the Vedas, it is reality.  The spiritual master is never ordinary, even if he appears to be growing older, or seems to forget a Sanskrit verse, the disciple should never doubt his spiritual master because of these things.  Prabhupada explained that his perfection was that he was always preaching and was fully engaged in Krishna consciousness.  The guru is not the Supersoul who knows all things, but he has an intimate relationship with the Supersoul.  Srila Prabhupada was always dedicated to Krishna’s mission.  He produced amazing, tangible results.  He is extremely dear to Krishna.  All his displays of anger, or illness, or humanness are transcendental; they are meant to bring us closer to him in loving,5381/


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New Android App “Krsna – The Sweet Lord” Launches

Hema Malini unveils the Krsna app at Mumbai’s ISKCON 50 festival

An app for Android smartphones, entitled “Krsna – The Sweet Lord,” is now available on the Google Play Store for free and promises to place the best of what ISKCON has to offer in the palm of your hand.

The app, developed by ISKCON Juhu of Mumbai, received a soft launch for an internal devotee audience on December 14th, when it was unveiled by Radhanath Swami at Mumbai’s Chowpatty temple.

Bollywood actress and Mathura MP Hema Malini then launched it for the general public on February 7th, during the Mumbai ISKCON 50 celebrations, with the aid of a life-size smartphone imprinted with the app’s name.,5384/


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ISKCON 50 Meditations: February 10, 2016

Prabhupada’s Preferences

Prabhupada is a person.  Like anyone, he likes his prasadam in a certain way and expressed his preferences about various things.  We may wonder, are Prabhupada’s preferences absolute?  Does his expression of personal preferences make him a relative person?

The pure devotee gives us so many details about Krishna and the process of devotional service.  He tells us what Krishna likes to eat, and what He doesn’t like to eat; he tells us how to behave under all circumstances, and how to think.  The pure devotee spiritual master represents Krishna absolutely; therefore, do we have a right to look into the pure devotee’s life and that everything be governed completely by Krishna’s indications?  If we can detect in his life any personal preference for doing something just because “I like it,” is that a defect in the pure devotee?

But the pure devotee is a person.  Like any person, he will have personal preferences.  What we notice if we minutely examine the life of a pure devotee is that all of his preferences are favorable to devotional service.  They are each individual expressions of his meditation on, and service to,  Krishna.  This may not always be comprehensible when we examine the pure devotee without the requisite faith.,5377/

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ISKCON 50 Meditations: February 9, 2016

Hearing from Srila Prabhupada

We are reading in Srila Prabhupada-lilamrtahow Srila Prabhupada met with his guru only a few times, but every meeting he did have with him was of great significance to Srila Prabhupada.  The first time they met on the roof in Ultadanga, in Calcutta, Prabhupada was impressed.  His whole life was changed.  They met again at Kosi in Vrindavan.  At that time, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati noted that Prabhupada was hearing very attentively.  Then they had other meetings, including one at Radha-kunda, where his guru maharaj told him, “If you ever get money, print books.”  Prabhupada is the perfect example of one who made the utmost of his meetings with his spiritual master.  There were no tape recorders in those days (although there were books).  A meeting was very important to Prabhupada, as well as his letter exchanges with Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati.,5376/

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ISKCON 50 Meditations: February 8, 2016

We have to be patient with ourselves as we serve Prabhupada.  It is natural to select certain instructions that we think fit our situations and our personalities.  When we try to relate to the spiritual master as preachers, we even encourage newcomers to find something in Prabhupada’s teachings which they can follow wholeheartedly.  We just have to be careful not to present a watered down version of what Prabhupada is teaching.  Until we are pure, there will always be some trace of compromise in our ability to follow, but we should always seek to increase our surrender and to know internally who our spiritual master is and what he wants from us.  Even if there is some trace of illusion in ourselves, ultimately, there is nothing illusory about Prabhupada.

A duality can sometimes exist between Prabhupada as he is and one’s conception of Prabhupada as we want him to be.  (There are many “Prabhupada saids” floating around our movement – how often do we hear “Prabhupada said” offered by someone trying to end an argument?)  Therefore, it is good for us to expose ourselves to the “real” Prabhupada as he wrote letters to people, as long as we carefully understand the context from which he is speaking.  Exposing ourselves to Prabhupada’s books and letters replaces any imagined idea of Prabhupada with the real person.  A search for the real Prabhupada has to be in a sensitive and ongoing way.,5369/


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ISKCON Ekachakra Temple Opening – February 14

Prabhupada was especially uncompromising in his condemnation of materialistic activities.  He used strong language to describe people who are devoid of the inclination for spiritual life, calling them dogs, hogs, camels, and asses.  He also referred to them as rascals.  He called the leaders of the countries cheaters.  He said they were all going to hell for their impious activities.  By any standard, this was harsh criticism.

Prabhupada also protested against the government.  He did it in a non sectarian way, favoring neither the communists nor the capitalists.  According to the scriptures, he said, any political leader in this age is bound to be the lowest kind of man.  And, in a sense, he protested against the material bonds that held families together.  When his young disciples joined him, he created friction between ISKCON and the parents of the devotees.  The anti-cult movement became prominent and made ISKCON one of its main targets.  But Prabhupada was willing to put himself and his followers on the firing line for the sake of spreading Krishna consciousness.,1051/#.VrgzhclmPIU


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