– “the temple on the web” – has discovered an unexpected but surprisingly effective way of introducing spiritual seekers to Krishna consciousness – through its online store., launched in 1996 as the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust’s official website and staffed almost entirely by second generation devotees, has two distinct sections.

The main website is an outreach project with 6,000 articles written for newcomers in easy-to-understand language, that cover everything one might want to know about the Hare Krishna movement and philosophy.

Then there’s the store, which supplies people’s devotional needs, providing whatever they might need to set up a temple in their home or live a Krishna conscious lifestyle, from clothing, to musical instruments, to all of ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s books.

Interestingly, the part of the site intended for outreach has drawn mainly visitors of an Indian background who were already looking for Krishna online. And it’s the store that attracts the most members of the general public.

“Fifty years in, the Hare Krishna movement is struggling to make its message relevant to the average western person,” says assistant manager Manorama Das. “At, we were too, until we came across this discovery.”

Salagrama Dasi works at’s renowned customer service

The key lies in the fact that the average person is not looking for Krishna or Prabhupada’s books online.

“But they are looking for incense, or a vegetarian cookbook, or Indian art to put on their wall, or kirtan music because they’ve heard that buzzword, or Harinam chaddars because they’re a fashion item,” says Manorama.

Visit store : Krishna store


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