Washington: Indian Americans from across the country are mobilising support for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, with a large number of organisations raising funds for the people of the quake-ravaged country.
Organisations like Aim for Seva, BAPS Charities, ISKCON – Food for Life, India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) and SEWA International are contributing in numerous ways — from providing recovery assistance and urgent medical care to healthy meals and temporary shelter, a media release said.

“This devastating earthquake was centred in Nepal’s Kathmandu valley whose effect was strongly felt deep inside India. Nearly 4,000 people are dead and counting. Several thousand people were displaced and lost everything,” Chandrakant Patel, president of Overseas Friends of BJP-USA, said urging Indian Americans to make generous contributions to the cause.

Another organisation, The United Sikhs said that their relief team has reached Nepal to carry out work in those areas where aid is most critically needed.

“Our medical team of doctors will arrive by Friday equipped with medical supplies to assist the injured,” added the US-based organisation.

American India Foundation said 100 per cent of its donations would go to the Nepal quake victims.

“This fund will support the rehabilitation of lost livelihoods for communities across Nepal, to rebuild and provide a new life filled with dignity, opportunity, and hope,” said M A Ravi Kumar, CEO of American India Foundation.


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