ISKCON 50 Meditations: March 30, 2016

No One Has Seen a Picture of Krishna

Prabhupada is speaking:  We should always remember that He is God.  He is all-powerful.  In strength, no one could conquer Him.  In beauty – as far as beauty is concerned – when He was on the battlefield … Have any of you seen a picture of Krishna?  Have any of you ever seen Krishna?  Oh … no? 

Prahbupada’s voice fades as he pauses, looking out at his audience.  No one has ever seen Krishna.  None of them have the slightest previous knowledge of Lord Krishna.  In India, hundreds of millions worship Lord Krishna daily as the eternal form of all beauty and truth, and view His graceful form in sculpture, painting and dance.  His philosophical teachings inBhagavad-gita are all famous.  And Prabhupada is His intimate emissary.  Yet the ladies and gentlemen in Room 307 look back at the Swami blankly.


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