New Krishna Hip-Hop Album Tracks the Soul’s Journey

Milan Parmar, a member of ISKCON youth group Pandava Sena in the UK, has released an introspective hip-hop album that tracks the soul’s spiritual journey throughout one lifetime in the material world.

Out on January 29th on Pandava Sena’s own label, “When a Soul Acknowledges” features smooth production by Deva Deva Das, uplifting melodic hooks by female vocalist Sobia Khan, and Parmar’s mesmerizing unbroken flow. It’s a professional effort that clearly has its finger on the pulse of current UK rap styles.

At the same time, with tracks like “Pleasures of the World (Illusion),” “Wise Words From A Wise Man (Gurudeva),” and “Return to Godhead,” it’s clearly no ordinary hip-hop album.

“I first started to read Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gita As It Is at the age of 15,” says Milan. “I found in it the deeper substance that I was subconsciously searching for. Everything, from Krishna’s words, to Arjuna’s questions, to Prabhupada’s purports made the utmost sense and gave me a new perspective on life.”

Milan began practicing Krishna consciousness, and in 2014 became more involved in the Pandava Sena. The group encourages youth to express their spiritual realizations through all mediums, and Milan soon began thinking about what he could do with the poetry and lyrics that had long been his passion.

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