ISKCON 50 Meditations: March 5, 2016

Prabhupada gave us – and is giving us – the great opportunity to be pioneers in the spreading of kirtana.  Often the word “pioneer” conjures up the image of leaving our home country and going to open a centre in a different part of the world, or join a world tour of kirtanas.  However, Prabhupada also encouraged us to perform kirtana among our own people.  Therefore, he made those of us who were pioneering among the student population in Boston as much a part of the pioneering movement as those who went to Germany and London, or later, Japan and Africa.  We always felt that Prabhupada was with us and that we were trying to accomplish what he asked of us.  We could only pray to be successful.  No one could sit down and relax.  We were so caught up in immediate preaching that we had no time to reflect on our relative position to other temples, or what the non-devotees would think of as later.  To serve Prabhupada, we were forced to live in the present.  We hardly had time to think.  Such a life thoroughly engaged our minds and senses in Prabhupada’s service and we left it to him to define whether it was pleasing or not, and to encourage us. View Krishna store 


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