ISKCON Ekachakra Temple Opening – February 14

Prabhupada was especially uncompromising in his condemnation of materialistic activities.  He used strong language to describe people who are devoid of the inclination for spiritual life, calling them dogs, hogs, camels, and asses.  He also referred to them as rascals.  He called the leaders of the countries cheaters.  He said they were all going to hell for their impious activities.  By any standard, this was harsh criticism.

Prabhupada also protested against the government.  He did it in a non sectarian way, favoring neither the communists nor the capitalists.  According to the scriptures, he said, any political leader in this age is bound to be the lowest kind of man.  And, in a sense, he protested against the material bonds that held families together.  When his young disciples joined him, he created friction between ISKCON and the parents of the devotees.  The anti-cult movement became prominent and made ISKCON one of its main targets.  But Prabhupada was willing to put himself and his followers on the firing line for the sake of spreading Krishna consciousness.,1051/#.VrgzhclmPIU


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