American ISKCON Devotee’s Death in Goa Sparks Facebook Campaign

Friends of Caitanya Lila Holt, 30-year-old US national, who died after allegedly choking on mud in a paddy field last week, have started an online campaign on the social media seeking justice for the former US soldier.

The #JusticeforCaitanya campaign started on Facebook on Thursday, alleges that Caitanya, a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) in the US was “murdered by a lynch mob and the police in Goa. We seek Justice!”

As part of the campaign, a letter has been sent to Goa’s lawmakers questioning the circumstances in which Holt was killed, insisting on the lynching theory.

“He was a United States soldier in US Air Force. He was a lifetime member of Iskcon and a devotee of Lord Krishna. We demand justice. We will not stop till you investigate his murder and arrest the people responsible,” a letter addressed to Goa’s legislators said.

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